Student Empowerment Fund

We use advertising dollars received from ad partners viewed on Shop4Next to serve students in Abilene and Wylie ISD. For every ad you view while trying to win prizes, participating ad partners invest $.25 cents into our Student Empowerment Fund to support 3 types of student success coaching services on school campuses.

Social Services:
School supplies, clothing, food, and transportation for students in need.

School Performance Improvement:
Tutoring, mentoring, and counseling to empower students to improve in the areas of Attendance, Behavior, and Core Performance.

CIS NEXT University:
Career Empowerment Internships to give high school students opportunities to earn money for college by working for various local employers.

Please contact us at (325) 232-8712 or for additional information about our services.

Empowering NEXT Generation Leaders to Stay In School & Achieve In Life

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